Monteith Ritsma Phillips welcomes Licensed Paralegal Brianna Sykes
to the firm

Monteith Ritsma Phillips is pleased to announce that

Brianna Sykes has recently joined the Firm as a Licensed Paralegal.

Ms. Sykes provides legal services in the focused areas of Small Claims court, Landlord and Tenant matters, and Provincial Offences.

Small Claims Court

Ms. Sykes is able to pursue or defend claims for money owed under an agreement, claims for damages, such as property damage, personal injury, and breach of contract. Her legal advice and representation is available for Civil actions involving a maximum amount of $35,000.00 claimed.

Landlord and Tenant

Ms. Sykes provides legal advice and representation for landlord-tenant matters. This includes drafting tenancy agreements, inquiries about landlord and tenant rights and obligations, as well all matters relating to the Landlord and Tenant Board.

Provincial Offences

Ms. Sykes can help you successfully defend Highway Traffic Act (HTA) charges. Fixed-rates are available for HTA matters.