Paralegal Services


In addition to providing a talented team of lawyers, Monteith Ritsma Phillips also offers first-rate paralegal services. Our paralegal team provides skillful advice and representation for individuals who require assistance dealing with a legal matter, or in dealing with a Court or Tribunal, including Small Claims Court, the Landlord and Tenant Board, provincial court for traffic offenses, etc.

Regulated by the Law Society of Ontario, our paralegal team is a cost-effective solution to help you navigate the often-complex procedures, rules and legal paperwork required by courts and/or legal tribunals. Our detail-oriented paralegal team will review your situation and pay thorough attention to your needs and requirements, while keeping you informed of what’s happening and what needs to be completed.

Our paralegal team has experience advising and representing clients in a range of courts and tribunals, including:

Small Claims Court

Provincial Court for Traffic Offences

Landlord Tenant Board



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Licensed Paralegal