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We understand that each family law case presents a set of unique and individual circumstances. Our family law lawyers are committed to providing compassionate, fair and result-oriented advice and representation in all areas of family law, from divorce or separation to adoptions. Using a collaborative approach, we work with you to identify practical and effective resolutions for your distinct situation that are most ideal for your family.

Our family legal team has experience pursuing resolution by court appearance or through alternative processes – including arbitration, negotiation or mediation. Our expertise includes:

  • Property division

  • Child support and spousal support

  • Decision-making responsibilities and parenting time (formerly known as child custody and access)

  • Completion of uncontested divorces

  • Separation, divorce agreements, cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts

  • Adoptions, including private adoptions

Reach out to our family law legal team today for compassionate representation and pragmatic advice tailored to your individual family needs.

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